Hello thank you for reading my first attempt at a comic ever! It's not perfect but I hope you weren't bored, and look forward to me continuing the comic.

It is my attempt to situate and present my characters in a story setting, to open up a door for creativity for those who want to know my characters, their stories and their interpersonal relationships with others and the world they exist in. I'd love to hear feedback of my story and characters and I'd love for people to see it as more than just porn, for theres a story to everything, even the most mundane and human things.

The comic deals with some heavy themes, and has some nudity and sexual content (as I am a porn artist) but it is not meant to be taken as strictly pornographic content for the sake of "getting off".

Because of this it should be read only by those who are of age (at least 18 years old), understand the graphic warning, are able to consent to and consume the content responsibly, safely and understand what that means.
Nothing presented in the comic is in any way a reflection of my beliefs, a condonement of the behaviors presented, an endorsement or glorification of assault/abuse/bullying/drug use/suicide etc.
It is just a story, which contents are not illegal to talk about or illustrate, but are not advised for those who believe the content might be triggering to.



The setting of the comic is somewhat in a world thats parallel to earth as we know it, with entirely different made up continents, as I believe, the country doesn't have an impact on the setting of the comic. The setting is somewhat of an industrial dystopia, nothing exciting and not many good people in the world, but I leave a large chunk of it to imagination and interpretation of the viewer.

The characters however presented aren't meant to represent any race, ethnicity, culture or country. You are allowed to relate to them however you want. As I take a lot of inspiration for my characters in tropes and settings of various media, it is an amalgamation of american media I consumed as a child, the anime I've enjoyed as a teen, and the slavic-european reality I've lived, these stories let me express and create many cool things as a child, and I want to create things with the same unapologetic creativity as back then.

That being said, feel free to interpret, headcanon and reimagine my characters in any way you'd like, I don't have the insight to know whats it like having different experienes than mine, but if you relate to what I created, It's in my most interest to not stiffle any creativity that comes from people who enjoy my story :) Please headcanon freely and do not feel bad.


Some people have asked, if there's anything that happened when I was 14 for me to dedicate a comic to myself from back then, and to that I just say, not really. My life only got better since I'm an adult but it wasn't especially traumatic as a teen. Everyone's got their baggage and I've got mine too of course, but I try to separate it from my craft and my stories, because I enjoy creating media that is disconnected from me and yet still personal.

Making a comic is just simply something I've made attempts at at 14 and ultimately gave up, I didn't think I'd ever be good enough to do it, and I never thought I would be able to get through my inability to do paneling, good design, good formatting, backgrounds... all that stuff overwhelmed me and made me give up, and I think I would be proud of myself, knowing I did something creative with my stories in the future. Hence the dedication.


You can ship any characters you want from my comic, I simply lay down the story and the world in which the characters reside, and you can decide for yourself which one of these pairs have the most interesting and compelling dynamic to you, as such, I don't plan on making any ships "canon". Simply put everything and nothing is canon, for I believe theres infinite numbers of realities in the world where, these characters exist a little bit differently in each one of them, and so anything you want to do with my characters is your canon, you can run with it.